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She is currently the UPS Small Business Marketing Manager for six states in the Pacific Northwest.

Her passion is championing the cause of small businesses and startups to help them grow and succeed.

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This presentation was created to provide an overview of the ecommerce sales channel, and how developing a digital strategy can help you to optimize your business processes.

James will initially cover some basic considerations and definitions of the ecommerce sales channel, with case studies to illustrate the importance of having a digital strategy.

Friends and relatives agree (especially Mom), this baby has potential. But……Before you purchase that shiny black Porsche 911 Carrera with the red leather interior or that white stucco villa on the French Riviera, you need to learn how to manufacture that product in large quantities, understand what equipment is needed and how to use it, select the appropriate containers, design “wow!

labels and packaging, test market the product in the “real world” (without Mom) and, possibly, reformulate, redesign and retest until the market says, “Yes, this is it!

Dennis also serves as Communications Director for his local BNI chapter, Tri-Cities Business Alliance.

He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Eastern Washington University.Most recently, Wendy worked on a new product launch for the UPS Access Point Program.The budding entrepreneur, huddled around their kitchen stove, sifts, pours, blends and stirs the ingredients together, mumbles a few encouraging words, increases the temperature from moderate to high until the ingredients become one incredible, delightful processed food product. (TRAC Center Exhibition Hall) Featuring up to 20 food and beverage start-ups that will be presenting their stories of vision, struggle and success.This involves promoting your brand through your website, SEO, e-mailed newsletters, and social media like Facebook and Instagram.With the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, the specialty food industry will see disruption of supply chains and traditional business models. In this session Wendy will discuss current trends in grocery delivery, buyer behavior and what you may need to change to take advantage of the new opportunities available to your business.

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