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Brad threatened to expose Finn's secret unless Finn gave Brad credit on the patent for the serum used to treat Blackwood's syndrome.

Elizabeth went to the police to report that Franco was missing and that Alexis might have killed Tom.

To access any of the recaps from 1996 through the present calendar year, please click on the corresponding link in the Recaps Quick View to quickly skip ahead to a particular month and year of recaps. Valentin and Nina celebrated their elopement at Metro Court and shared the news with Dante and Lulu.

Hayden and Finn grew closer, but he continued to rely on injections.

Elizabeth warned Sam that Alexis might have killed Tom.

Charlotte ran to hide in a linen closet when she overheard Griffin confront Valentin about Claudette's suspicious death.

Lulu followed her daughter and eventually got Charlotte to open up to her.

Elizabeth questioned Seth, unaware that he'd been responsible for Franco's disappearance.

Sam confronted Alexis about Elizabeth's theory, prompting Alexis to make a full confession.

Franco discovered that Alexis had been the last person seen with Tom. Alexis confessed everything to Julian and attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Franco decided not to tell the police about Alexis because he'd caused Sam and her family enough heartache. A homeless man revealed that Rudge had tricked him into planting the bomb in Julian's car.

Nathan and Maxie went to Canada to get some answers about Claudette and were told that Claudette's fingerprints matched those of a woman who had committed suicide. Lulu was eager to tell Charlotte the truth about being her mother, but Valentin insisted that it was too soon.

Anna remembered something from her past with Valentin.

Andre was disappointed when Jordan agreed to leave town with Curtis to follow a lead.

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