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Sure he was good but she did everything backwards and in heels. oh never mind.)-influenced Broadway routine, I think that it’s not a bad pairing, but I don’t believe Comfort is up to par.Even when she’s in her genre, hip-hop, she doesn’t deliver it like she should.

Then when Jessica was injured and she came back for two more weeks? There are too many wonderful couple dances to count but Chelsea and Mark’s about the workaholic guy put together by the Dumos is definitely a stand out.

So was the sexy samba done by Katee and Joshua in the same episode. I’m hoping for more soccer players (Kherington), less comments about masculinity (Can you hear me, Nigel?

Someone fan me and pass the ice cream while I go over a few highlights.

We started with auditions in six cities from the bad (Gold Inferno, anyone?

I was ready to love her street smart self but it was clear she wasn’t on a par with the others.

Still, she toughed it out, even staying longer than Chelsea. One of my favorites was the one where Nigel was tied up.

Both couples danced well together, as did Kherington and Twitch. The solos weren’t as memorable because they were so short and because most would’ve benefited from a good choreographer. ) and expanding the genres of dance (more Bollywood please).

And can you believe that Kherington was asked to go before Comfort? Don’t forget about that fiery pasa double by Kherington and Twitch, with the cape twirls and fierce expressions. However, I do remember Will’s great James Brown routine although a fat lot of good it did him since he was eliminated soon after. It happened not long after we started voting and I’ll bet the public was tired of the tongue bath he got from the judges every week.

They paired up and in the weeks afterward, danced everything from a waltz to hip-hop to jazz.

Two new genres were introduced — Bollywood and a country two-step.

Ballroom dancers usually don’t have the versatility of the other dancers although my man Benji (season two winner) did a pretty damn good job. Yeah, I know it was oh-so-Cirque-du-Soleil but please, people, demonic bunnies?

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