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Keep your conversations interesting by adding a little humor.Take things slow and don't rush in asking her to marry you. Always know the particular likes and dislikes of the Ukrainian woman you're dating and do your best to make her happy.

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Ukraininan woman dating site

Gifts when visiting: Be sure to bring a gift when you visit your Ukrainian date.

A bottle of wine or cake is okay but any thoughtful gift will be very much appreciated. If you will buy flowers, make sure the number is not even and the color is not yellow.

Make her feel comfortable by being honest and share your thoughts, ideas and values with her.

Ukrainian women generally find candle lit dinners very romantic.

It's common in Ukraine that the man pays for the bill when a couple eats out.

Don't drink too much alcohol: Alcoholism is quite a problem for a lot of Ukrainian men.

Consider a phone call if you live far and cannot travel to see her and her parents.

She may think it's not necessary to ask her parents for her hand, but do make the offer.

If there's a child in the house, bring him/her a small gift.

Greetings: It is considered bad luck to shake hands across the threshold of a door.

Take off your shoes when you're entering her home: Ukrainians do not usually walk in their homes with their shoes on. You may be given a pair of slippers upon entering her home. You will return the honor by making the second toast.

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