Updating a 1968 cougar

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Number 2336 is further listed “Raven Black” (the only 1969-1970 painted this color).

Jason and Tony grasped the historical significance of this car, so each committed to a worthy restoration, which Jason and his brother, Scott, began planning.

SAAC records identify this car in the 1987 Shelby American World Registry on page 568, and again (more accurately) in the 1997 edition on pages 1,124 and 1,221.2336 is listed in the 1997 SAAC World Registry as the “first Mustang built at Dearborn assembly plant for conversion as a Shelby”.

Important note: that would also mean it is the first 428CJ Mustang built at Dearborn, as well as the first convertible Mustang built at Dearborn.

Jason recruited enthusiast Don Bell (nearby Arkansas) to assist with further research and documentation.

Although no build sheet was found during the initial inspection or tear down, two assembly plant inspection sheets were discovered by Ed, under the carpet.

George Huisman (Michigan) and Ed Meyer (Indiana) were discussing a car that had surfaced in the Detroit area, a 1969 Shelby G. Jason Billups (Oklahoma) was in attendance to help judge.

Jason’s shop counts Tony as a good customer, plus Jason and Ed have collaborated on numerous restorations. While traveling in March 2015, Tony got word that this car was available.

It had recently been revived, but the long term storage showed some evidence.

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