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The AVUM maintenance officer and AVIM supply platoon leader are responsible for managing PLL and ASL Class IX repair parts respectively. Requisitions usually are not required for replenishment.Supply procedures and policies are addressed in AR 710-2, DA Pam 710-2-1 and DA Pam 710-2-2. Requirements are based mainly on troop strength, equipment density, forecasts, or daily usage or a combination of these factors.However, an aircraft or major component will not be stripped to the point where it is used primarily as a source of parts and becomes uneconomical to repair.

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Controlled substitution or exchange is a last resort method for maintaining a flyable fleet. Local SOPs must contain polices and procedures to control the controlled substitution or exchange program. The maintenance float program is designed to assist in maintaining the readiness posture of units during peacetime.

It is a quantity of selected end items authorized for stockage at a depot or MACOM stock record account.

It will be used for the replacement of like items turned in by using units for which an immediate replacement is required to maintain an acceptable level of materiel readiness during peace-time.

The two types of float are repair cycle float and operational readiness float. RCF is that quantity of items authorized in the wholesale supply system to replace like items of equipment withdrawn from using activities for scheduled depot maintenance without decreasing the materiel readiness of the user.

Scheduled supplies normally are shipped to users based on preplanned distribution schemes.

Classes I, III (bulk), V, and VI are typically scheduled supplies. Class III (bulk) is based on long-range forecasts, equipment densities, and historic usage factors.Procedures to account, manage, and issue RCF items will be included in AR 710-1.Changes in planned program repair will be the basis for asset change.All RX stocks should be located and maintained at the AVIM level. Controlled substitution or exchange is the removal of serviceable parts from an unserviceable item of equipment for installation on another item to make it serviceable.According to AR 750-1, repair parts and components may be removed from aircraft that are classified as NMCS; NMCM; or PMC.Controlled exchange should be approved only when the following criteria are met: 6-17.

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