Updating intelisense

If your remote target is x86 or ARM you will want to change those options first.

We have a detailed guide on using the Windows Subsystem for Linux with the C Linux workload as well.

It is not limited to specific Linux distros, but we do have dependencies on the presence of some tools.

Specifically, we need openssh-server, g , gdb and gdbserver.

Use your favorite package manager to install them, e.g.

on Debian based systems: The best way to reach us is via our Git Hub hosted issue list, directly via mail at [email protected] find me on Twitter @robotdad.

Launch the Visual Studio 2017 installer and start a new installation or Modify an existing one.

In the Workloads selection screen, scroll to Other Toolsets and select Linux development with C and click Install. For Visual Studio 2015 you can download the Visual C for Linux Development extension or get it from the extension manager in Visual Studio.Additionally, you will see that this project was configured as an application, thus your executable is under bin/x64/Debug/ as Console Application1Notice that for configuration types static and dynamic libraries are also supported.After the build successfully completes, your code will be launched on the remote machine, and you will hit the break point you set earlier.Let’s look at the Project Properties to understand where things got deployed on the remote Linux machine.This post is updated with content from update posts on this workload when they occur.

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