Updating maps for mio c230 gps updating google earth maps

and they are covered under the same North American license that you’ve purchased when buying the C230 (Europe and other regions of the world – you gotta buy additional SD disk(s) that come with their own licenses – be sure to copy the file into the same directory holding your files).

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Some people prefer this, but I find it to be grating.

I don’t really like the robotic sound of the woman’s voice as she attempts to pronounce street names, so I ended up changing the voice back to the US English male voice that was used on my C220.

And don’t forget this an entry-level PND priced below $200!

I see that the posted links were no longer available so I have removed the links and as a service to those still using the Mio C230 and wishing to add the Canada maps legally to their unit, I have uploaded the large 12M POI Canadian map (2007.01 version) file to my Media Fire account, but rather than posting the link in this Blog, I will email the free download link to those that make donation to my Coffee Fund.

Create a where you’ll save your additional fbl file(s).

Otherwise you’ll have to make room on the flash drive by deleting the California map file or a couple of other states you are unlikely to visit, and should use the smaller file.

However, if you prefer or need text-to-speech, the C230 will accomodate this need adequately. Thus far, I personally much prefer Mio’s Mio Map software to the competitors. It has nice features like auto night mode, which switches the map to a black background (much easier on the eyes in the dark! It doesn’t require an annual subscription like Garmin, although you’ll have to find and download the maps yourself to update it. The software is identical on both, and I already loved my C220 before I started using the C230.

Personally, I prefer this to paying every year for map updates. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, basic GPS (who needs a GPS to play videos and MP3s, anyhow?

In an effort to tidy up our kitchen and get rid of messy charging cables, I am testing the Rabbit Charger.

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