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The next line says it's a level one heading, but if you look at the HTML markup you'll see it's really just an ordinary paragraph with some additional tags that tell the browser to make the text big and bold. It's just some text that we want to be big and bold.

This is considered very bad form, and an example will explain why: screen readers (programs that read web pages out loud for the blind) often denote a heading by pausing before and after reading it.

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Please see Using Winstat for instructions on logging in.

When running Winstat you are essentially using a different computer.

You may need to redo drive mappings and other customizations you are used to on your own PC.

If you are going to be using Dreamweaver on a regular basis you may want to consider purchasing a copy for your own PC. We'll start by setting up all the files and folders we're going to use in this tutorial.

It is a tutorial in that we will go step by step through the process of creating a sample page.

Novices should follow all the steps--the only way to learn web design is to actually do it.Fortunately, writing proper HTML gets you most of the way there.The World Wide Web is nothing more than a collection of computers that promise to send out web pages when asked.Screen readers make good examples because having a page read out loud is about as different from seeing it on a PC as it gets, but the same principles apply to handheld computers, wireless Internet phones, and devices we haven't even seen yet.The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, the people who write HTML standards) refers to this as "transforming gracefully." Most documents you've probably worked with (Word, PDF, etc) have a single form. HTML pages are "rendered" by the reader's web browser and different browsers may render them differently.If you compare the code you're looking at with what your browser is displaying, you'll see that your browser decided to make the level one heading big and bold.

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