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What is the average length of time to complete a Phase I? It should be noted that a warranty on the environmental condition of the site cannot be provided, nor a guarantee of any kind.

It must be recognized that at the completion of the Phase I ESA, there may be unresolved issues regarding the possible contamination of the site, or the potential presence of suspect materials.

The report provided will represent professional opinion based upon the information disclosed by the Client and available in public records, together with the application of standard scientific field investigation methods.

The Mojave Project reconsiders and establishes multiple ways in which to interpret this unique and complex landscape, through association and connection of seemingly unrelated sites, themes, and subjects thus creating a speculative and immersive experience for its audience.

On June 20, 1965, four high school buddies set out to a remote desert location about 90-miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Other potential PCB containing material, such as soil near current or former railroad tracks. Maintenance practices and hazardous materials handling procedures. Any storage of significant quantities of potentially hazardous chemicals, including herbicides and/or pesticides.

PCB containing transformers within structures or on power poles and lighting ballasts in older buildings. Based upon preliminary findings of the Phase I study, the Client will be immediately informed of any suspect or unusual conditions which may result in a recommendation for a further study.

At almost an inch long, feature other unique physical traits; breeding males have a dark band on their rounded caudal fin and both sexes lack pelvic fins.

Their personality differs as well; Devils Hole pupfish are mostly laid back and males, rarely, if at all, defend their mating territories like their more aggressive cousins.

It is not meant to be a detailed, comprehensive investigation based on quantitative or qualitative analytical data.

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