Validating textbox in gridview

Before we validate data to grid cell, we need to cancel the Validate Cell event to prevent the users from exiting the cell until entering a valid editor value or cancelling the edit process.

Meanwhile, we can use the Validate Row event in the same way to prevent the user from exiting the current row.

There are few myths about Sql Data Source and there are talks about its limitations. You can easily bind it with a database table and later bind it to a Grid View control.

I need to make the validation On Text Changed event of the text Box.[/QUOTE] See [URL=" link[/URL] And [URL=" Box-Validation-using-Java Script.aspx"]this link[/URL] hope it help you.................. I want to use validation of a date which was entered in a textbox using Ajax Calender Extender .

Read More [QUOTE=Anupama G;1013771]I have a problem in accessing the textbox directly as it is placed inside a gridview.

Adding Dynamic Rows in Grid View with Text Box and Drop Down List - Validation NETvinz/archive/2010/08/05/adding-dynamic-rows-in-gridview-with-textbox-and-dropdownlist-again.aspx" I have demonstrated how to add dynamic rows in Gridview with a combination of Text Box and Drop Down List.

Hi, I have a textbox(placed inside a Item Template) inside a gridview. [QUOTE=Anupama G;1013756][/QUOTE] Well Anupama, this is C# forum, you should post this thread on forum.....

The Kettic Data Grid View allows users of the control easily validate data grid cells when data is committed to the data source.

To validate data to grid cells and rows, we need to use the Validate Cell event, which will be raised by the Kettic Data Grid View when there are any changes to the current cell or when the grid cell loses input focus like.

You are going to have to get the Client ID of the Text Box in your VB or C# code.

Once you have that, you're going to have to set the button's onclick attribute to the Java Script method (which is rather messy, with duplicate code, as acoder has pointed out).

Net You can apply a similar principle to a Drop Down List control that you have added in your Grid View control. Finally, I’ll check the value that the user has picked from the list. Add multiple controls to the Grid View control and check the script.

Yes, you can attach a Drop Down List to the Sql Data Source control. Remember, client validations are not fool proof and you cannot rely on these scripts only.

I want to validate the text entered in the textbox for date(mmddyyyy format) values,without using any validation controls.

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