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And when the slightly overweight woman shows up on a date with a man who was expecting “athletic”, both parties are in for a night of disappointment. First of all, I think that’s a problem that’s more in your head than in reality. Still, no matter how much rebranding we do, life is still not going to be fair.

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Anyway, at first I listed myself as “A few pounds extra” thinking it was an honest description.

Well, two male co-workers were talking about online dating and mentioned that they’d never contact a girl that was in that class or “curvy”, because any time they’d met one in the past, she’d been much heavier than in her pictures.

Change your profile to let other potential mates see the real you, smiles and all!

Extensive search options will guide you to a person of your dreams, while great photo galleries, Local BBW, instant messaging, gifts, winks, etc., make it extremely easy to strike a conversation and have fun!

If I’m a 5’4” man, I know that it’s going to be hard to get a date if I tell the truth.

If I’m a 50-year-old man who makes less than ,000/year, I’m going to be somewhat handicapped.

You don’t have to be a member before you can explore site, you can view pictures of members which is categorized into latest pictures or top rated pictures.

You can also view how many members are presently online. has an IOS application for Iphone users and APK application for android users. Curvy Catch is a full featured dating app that caters to curvy women and men who admire curvaceous females.

You can as well link your Facebook account with To start with, you will have to register and by registering you will fill a form which will require you to input in your email, your age, you will also choose a username, then you will have to indicate your own gender and the gender you are interested in. Curvy Catch is the ultimate app for thick, curvy, full figured or plus sized women and those seeking to date voluptuous female singles.

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