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However, We Chat doesn’t provide much information on other digital safeguards.

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We Chat asks for access to your contact list to see if you know any other We Chat users.

To transfer money, your recipient must be a contact on your account.3. Enter your info and select your bank for verification through your mobile phone number.4. Click the “Me” icon at lower right and choose “Wallet” from the list of services.

Money you’re sent on We Chat is automatically transferred into your We Chat Wallet — meaning you don’t accept or deny payment.

By reviewing your balance you can view and manage how much money is in your We Chat account. We Chat is not legally allowed to process international money transfers.

Unless the user from South Africa heads to China, the money will be useless.

We Chat encrypts your personal information, financial details and monetary transactions.

Using i Tunes Using a USB Cable for Android on Windows Using a USB Cable for Android on Mac Using i Cloud Using Google Photos Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to copy or move photos from your computer onto your phone.

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