When ex starts dating again sex dating in broken bow nebraska

He was especially interested to know about people I was dating, and proceeded to tell me about a breakup he had the day before, followed by saying that all the girls he was seeing now are "*****." Why is he doing all of this for no apparent reason?Do you think there is a chance he still has feelings for me?

when ex starts dating again-27

I was working 12 hours a day 7 days a week and going to school.

Now she's got 2 jobs working over 12 hours a day just to make ends meet, and I honestly hope she's seeing why I took the work overseas despite the sacrifices we made.

The reason he didn't really stay in contact with you for so long could have been to heal the pain that comes with a breakup.

As for why he's talking to you again so suddenly, he might have feelings again and he might just want to be friends.

I was working overseas because it was a great job with a 6 figure salary at 24 years old and we were engaged.

I had benefits such as insurance and was saving for our home we picked out, but she got tired and left among other reasons.I told her it was always nice to hear from her and she finally told me I should stay away from her and not go to school in CA.I decided to originally because she told me when she left that if I came there we could build up a friendship and then try again if it all went well.And for the first time since our breakup, he has asked to talk on the phone.When we talked on the phone he seemed very interested in my life, which is out of character for him.Instead of holding out and being stubborn you need to say things like you were right etc.

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