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And I think that maybe we do that more than 99 percent of the real families out there. It's been fun as an ongoing plot point, but we have no idea if this the end of course.But that's what kept us alive, that people see it as a certain kind of wish fulfillment. None of the ratings on the CW are great this year, but we're still in the top five on the network.[] TVGuide.com: So you have a sex scene with Diane Keaton?

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I'm sorry it's not on anymore." I can't even remember that it's on Sundays!

They've also preempted us, which the WB never did, and usually surrounded us by reruns. He was also in the House of Representatives, and the first person to introduce a law for women's suffrage and the progressive income tax.

But the show has always had a pretty good ability to laugh at itself, and the Camdens understand how they're seen in the world, and they're the way they are anyway.

The fantasy of the show is the idea that the family will be there for each other, no matter what. TVGuide.com: Should we expect a teary death scene at the end of the season for the rev? The illness was just a way for Brenda to write stories in which Eric suffers fools a little less well.

Parenthetically, the Monday-night comedies [, et al] have never come close to doing what we did that night. TVGuide.com: Any political aspirations on your part?

TVGuide.com: You sound like a man who wants another year. Part of me is ready to move on, and part of me is in love with the show. I can see us anchoring Sunday nights, moving us to 7 pm [the time slot to be vacated when goes off the air Feb. It will probably come down to what the CW has in development. Collins: In the last few years, people have asked me to run for president of the Screen Actors Guild.

It was hilarious, because she didn't tell any of us she was going to do it. But onthere's always been the suggestion that Eric and Annie have a very active sex life. But what do you say to those snarky types who make fun of it?

She does a [similar] fall at the end of , and again, I don't know who knew it was happening. TVGuide.com: Is it nice to have some "semi sex scenes" after 11 years as the near saintly Rev. Collins: By and large, the people who make fun of it haven't seen it, they only have an image of what it is.

The lifelong pals - played by Jane Fonda, 80, Diane Keaton, 72, Candice Bergen, 71 and Mary Steenburgen, 65 - are all thrust into a new world they never knew existed.

When naughty Vivian (Fonda) suggests the trilogy to the group, not everyone is initially taken with the idea with Sharon (Bergen) warning: "We started this book club to stimulate our minds.” "From what I hear, this book is quite stimulating," she jokes back with a wink.

well, let's say "a problem."Collins: Well, Joe is kind of a grounding force for her, a guy who's very comfortable with himself and very comfortable with what's going on his life.

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