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" Three gold medals, five silver medals, and four bronze medals later and Vonn's career is looking like a definite success. There won't be as much winning, but the sexiness will always be there for all to enjoy and Tiger to drool about.

Taking a break from Lindsey for a second, it is time to introduce the original love of Tiger Woods's life: Elin Nordegren.

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This is only the start of Woods drooling over his ex-wife and remembering what he could have continued to have if he stayed faithful.

After messing up his marriage, Tiger Woods decided to date somebody that understood his hectic athletic schedule in Olympic Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn.

This first photograph is a very simple one: a head shot of her beautiful face. But this really symbolizes the natural beauty Elin Nordegren has even without showing her body from the neck down.

Woods and Nordegren had a beautiful life together with a great family, all blown by infidelity.

He has been hitting long drives and sinking big putts since the late 1990's.

He was seemingly on every commercial on television and being the spokesperson for big-time companies such as Nike.

Tiger Woods is not the only athlete that has won multiple championships in their respective sport.

Former flame Lindsey Vonn also has a tendency to bring home the hardware.

Nordegren is originally from Sweden and now lives in the United States as a model.

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