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Degrassi hadn’t killed off a major character since season 6, isn’t it weird they’d suddenly kill 2 characters within a span of a little over 15 total episodes?

In the aftermath, Linda Schuyler was forced into releasing a statement explaining Jordy’s contract expiring is the reason the show wrote what felt like a rushed texting and driving storyline.

Degrassi has shown a lot of support for the LGBT community over the years, but in the specific case of Adam’s death it comes down to something way deeper than this groundbreaking transgender character.

Among the fandom outrage after Honey, the warning signs that something wasn’t right were sitting quietly in a pile in the corner.

I figure that the Adam/Imogen/Becky plot might not have even been a thing before Adam had to be written out.

-Rakath ********** One of the most memorable moments of Degrassi season 13, and not in a good way, was the death of Adam Torres.When thinking about season 13, my feelings on the season can be briefly summarized by rating each individual block. ********** Something I forgot, and probably had a very heavy hand in S13’s really lackluster start. I’ve wondered why for me there’s such a large gap in quality between be the beginning of the season and the end, and I think one of the reasons leads back to the death of Adam Torres.Meaning they had to quickly write out a character that was pretty close to impossible to write out ‘cleanly’ (like writing out Tori, or K. Meaning the choices were new school (unlikely), divorce (recently done), and death (…what they chose).After that they had to spend a lot of time killing Adam, and a lot of time reworking various plots to work around losing Adam.I don’t remember getting into an in-depth discussion about the technical reasons for his death, but Rakath’s recent comments sum up my thoughts on the matter.

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