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”In the multiple-choice section of his profile about the woman he was seeking, Mr. And she is also of the Moravian faith, though she responded after he removed that stipulation in his profile. Katz pushed her to tell specific stories, such as, “I came face-to-face with a bull moose during rutting season,” and, “I occasionally smear a glob of peanut butter on my dog’s nose, just for fun.” Ms. I ended up having so much interesting stuff in my profile that I had a lot to talk about and write about in e-mails.”Ms. “I found her profile to be authentic, sincere and honest, and it was proven out.”They have dated for eight months and plan to marry. Katz said his company has helped thousands of people since it began five years ago.

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They have been amazing assets to the show and will always be a part of the ‘Top Model’ family.

We will continue to actively work with each of them on future projects." Amazing assets is right.

She paid $2,000 for a profile, photographs and coaching from Evan Marc Katz, owner of two coaching services based in Los Angeles, Evan Marc and Katz had advised her to go through a long screening process with e-mail and phone conversations before an actual date. Kost met Stephen Micallef, who, like her, is an engineer. For $129 to $199, people fill out a questionnaire and spend a half-hour on the phone with a freelance writer, who writes two essays for them.

She immediately liked how he spoke of his daughters. For $1,500, the company interviews clients, writes their profiles, takes professional photographs and coaches them via phone and e-mail about online dating.

Clients pay $500 to $2,000, depending on the level of service.

Such levels of spending and coaching concern at least one dating expert.“Dating is like a soufflé — it requires a bit of lightness,” said Joy Browne, host of a syndicated radio talk show and author of the recent book “Dating Disasters and How to Avoid Them.” “When you’re forking out thousands of dollars, you’re going to expect a huge return on your investment. “It was like I didn’t need to sell myself to these people.

Page Six reports that Tyra Banks has fired all three "ANTM" mainstays, with word that there are “major changes planned" for Cycle 19.

Tyra confirmed the changes via Twitter, as did Nigel Barker on his blog. Alexander have been an integral part of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ brand and they helped turn this show into the household name it is today.

and various people – they wouldn’t touch me,” Barker confesses.

All you Miss J, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker fans out there, wipe those smizes off of your faces: your favorite "America's Next Top Model" stars just got the boot.

Resnick said: “Why say you are laid back when you can talk about the family barbecue that gives that air of laid back?

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