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Brautigan participated in a poetry reading with Andrew Hoyem, Allen Dienstag, and longshoreman poet William Fritsch (aka Sweet Willie Tumbleweed) at the Coffee Gallery (formerly Miss Smith's Tea Room which closed in 1958), 1353 Grant Avenue, in San Francisco's North Beach.

Fritsch was the husband of poet Lenore Kandel whose Brautigan visited the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank of the San Francisco Medical Society where, for the final time, he sold a pint of his Type A blood to raise extra cash.

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Last Wednesday, he did his final five knee replacements. One manufactures orthopedic implants and the other is a group of private hospitals.

Then, he threw out the old Mephisto loafers he wore in the OR and gave up his keys to the OR office he shared with Alexander Vaccaro, president of the Rothman Institute, the huge orthopedic practice that Rothman founded. Vaccaro has asked Rothman to help with mergers and acquisitions in the ever-expanding practice, which now has 171 physicians. “I never did get bored, because I didn’t look at it as just a bone-and-joint operation,” he said. What we do changes people’s lives.” From left to right, Alexander Vaccaro, president of Rothman Institute; Richard Webster, president of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, and Richard Rothman, founder of the Rothman Institute, celebrated Rothman’s surgical career this week with members of the operating room staff.

The Borregaard Museum, two floors of a Victorian house at 1713 Buchanan Street converted into a gallery by Ebbe Borregaard, billed on the broadside as "the largest private galley in San Francisco," was a landmark of the Sixties avant-garde. Brautigan read selections from the evolving manuscript for Back in San Francisco the Brautigan's rented an apartment at 488 Union Street, between Montgomery and Kearny Streets, above Yone's Bead Shop, next door to a laundromat, and two blocks from Washington Square Park.

Brautigan returned to part-time work at Pacific Chemical Laboratories, 350 Clay Street, San Francisco, preparing doses of powdered barium (Hjorstberg 180) , the manuscript focused on what Brautigan eat for lunch each day at the Star and US Cafe, minute details he noticed there, and the film titles and show times at the Times Theater.

Rothman said he will now identify himself as a “health-care entrepreneur.” The obvious question is, “Why now? Nor was it because he — or anyone else — thought his performance was slipping.

Because he continued to operate at an age long past when most surgeons quit, he asked fellow surgeons to evaluate his work and tell him if they thought it was deteriorating.

He took his daughter, Ianthe, and wrote a poem "The Belle of the Blood Bank," which remains unpublished.

A broadside issued by Borregaard's Museum in San Francisco listed Brautigan, [Burgess] Jess Collins, Paul Alexander, Harry Jacobus, Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer, Helen Adam, and other poets and painters scheduled to appear there.

Before performing his last knee replacement, surgeon Richard Rothman prepared to scrub with his operating room team.

Pictured, from left to right, are Linda Minda, first assistant; Richard Rothman; Amanda Hetzel, scrub nurse, and Shawn De Night, hook holder. While he is looking forward to not having to get up at a.m. He still expects to work 60 hours a week, seeing patients before and after surgery, consulting with colleagues, teaching, working with a venture capital firm in New York, and helping two Chinese firms in which he is a minority investor.

He was invited to poetry readings around the country and during the Summer of Love, Brautigan was considered the one writer who best represented the sentiments of the countercultural movement centered in San Francisco.

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