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We're here to speed up the process for you to catch his or her digital eye.From flirting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to mastering the art of swiping right on mobile dating apps, we're here to help you find love in the digital age. I embrace a healthy diet, eat a banana every morning for the potassium, an avocado a day for the good fat, eat wild salmon for the omega fats, and nibble on...

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There’s not anything wrong seeking help from a professional to help improve yourself.

Being stuck in the past will only bring further issues that need to be worked through and will just make the relationship harder.

For instance, if this person did or said something to offend or upset you, you are going to tell them differently than you would if there simply is not a connection that is there.

Stand Your Ground You need to make sure that you are firm with your decision to not want to meet up with this person again.

If the connection really is there, then you have a better shot at making it work.

You will find that knowing how to tell someone that you don’t want to meet them again can be very difficult to do sometimes.Entering the friend zone is always disappointing when you are looking for more.While friends are great to have, they aren’t always what we need.[Read more] You don’t need to be watching a romantic-comedy to know that a first kiss can be the beginning of a beautiful romance, or not. [Read more] If your date card is empty, try casting a wider net and schedule some summertime dates, out-of-town.The summer heat is rolling, school’s out, the airports are crowded,...You can talk yourself down from this one, and just try to learn to trust again.

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