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If anything, it’s reinforced the reasons for why I date men the way I do. It feels like we’re all pulling back the layers of that truth, the reasons why women feel so vulnerable with men known and unknown.

After I agree to meet up with a guy who I’ve connected with on an app or chatted up while out with friends, I find myself starting a specific, subliminal routine. We know that it doesn’t matter whether we’re in a boardroom or a bar: power is never in our hands equally. I’m hopeful that the stories that women have revealed , and the consequences of those revelations, will help us see real change.

These stories have touched the lives of all women, including those far outside media, entertainments and politics, because they're so familiar, because we've been there too. And for women who are currently dating, or trying to date, the endless tales can be a reminder of the dangers that come with opening yourself up to a stranger—and the stark differences between how men and women approach consent, sex and assault. It’s not because I want to leave a cell-tower scatterplot of my Friday night plans, but I fear what might happen if I don’t. When you can’t walk with a group, carry one in your purse.

' A year ago, I might have let it slide or just made a small comment, especially since we haven't been seeing each other that long.

I may have offered a very brief explanation of the challenges women face when reporting assault and harassment, but then let it go. I’ll take temporary discomfort over the pain of silencing myself any day.""I’d never told any of my past boyfriends—or dates—that I had been sexually assaulted in college.

Since that moment, our relationship has progressed and I can now say I’m falling in love with this date.

And I attribute part of that to his patience and understanding and sadness around the situation.

If a man who works in the next cubicle over assaults someone, he should believe the survivor just as much as he would were it a man outside his immediate world. Even through my annoyance, I could see my partner did some of the right things when it mattered.

Because if a man doesn't believe the assault accusations against men he idolizes whom he's probably never met, how the hell is he going to believe me and my story? He mentioned that the apology doesn’t change Louis’ actions from being unacceptable.

Does he hold these men beyond reproach because he respects their work?

Or does he condemn them because he's a decent human being? She was kind and helpful and reminded me that no one can be a perfect ally. The guy who played me Ani Di Franco as a kid and taught me to be financially independent.

I would find myself sitting nearish men in a indistinguishable stream of dimly lit bars. I’m enraged when a new date (so, a stranger) finds unnecessary reasons to touch me. I’ve blocked more guys from more means of communication than I can count over the last 12 months.

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