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He's no Oscar candidate, but he gives a warm, sincere performance that fits the story perfectly.

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And Rhys, if I'm doing a back and forth, I drop a closing and my name entirely by the second or third email.

I figure at that point, you're really messaging and texting, and you certainly don't sign off on those.

Fast-forward many years later, to working as an assistant at Random House in New York.

I was stunned by the differences in closings the editors would use!

The formal rule, at least in Britain, is that if you're writing a letter to a person whose name you don't know, you start with "Dear Sir or Madam", and you end with "Yours faithfully".

If you do know the name, you start with "Dear Mr X", and end with "Yours sincerely".

When working in Australia, "Best regards" is much more commonly used.

Using simply "Regards" would seem quite standoffish. I was always taught to use 'Yours faithfully' in letters when addressing someone I didn't know, and 'yours sincerely' for people I did.

What term should be used and under what circumstances when writing email these days?

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